Enhancing the Teaching and Learning of Science

The ETLS (Enhancing the Teaching and Learning of Science) Wiki is used to support current, past, and future science teacher candidates in the Single Subject Credential Program at Cal State Fullerton. Please join us in identifying information, communication, and educational technology (ICE-T) resources for enhancing the teaching and learning science.
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  • Future Teachers - Loads of information resources for future science teachers, including links to the Single Subject Credential Program and the Science Credential Program Websites.
  • Wikipages - Wiki members may add resources and information by clicking on "Edit this page" at the top of the page to which you want to contribute. Or, if your idea is so large it needs its own page, click on "New Page" and get to work!
    • Teacher Resources - This page lists a variety of resources for current and future science teachers.
    • Reviews of Interactives - Post a short review of your favorite science interactives and get ideas for your science classroom!
    • Web 2.0 Samples - Check out and add to these examples of Web 2.0 sites that teachers are using to enhance the teaching and learning of science.
  • Special Topics - These are individual pages devoted to a single topic, including special wikis such as wikiHow and Wikipedia.
  • Unit Plans - These units were developed by science teacher candidates in ECSC 304 or with the Intel Interactive Tools.
  • External Links - These links go to outside Web sites associated with the MAST Wiki organizars.


A Mathematics and Science Teachers (MAST) Project Wiki

Funded by the CSU Chancellor’s Office, the Mathematics and Science Teachers (MAST) Project is an innovative partnership of the Colleges of Education and Natural Sciences and Mathematics at California State University Fullerton to provide strong, collaborative, and comprehensive efforts to improve practices in the areas of mathematics and science teacher candidate recruitment, pre-service preparation, induction, beginning teacher professional development and retention. For more information, click on the "notify me" tab at the top of this page or contact Dr. Vikki Costa, Director of Science Education, California State University Fullerton (vcosta@fullerton.edu).