Science Teacher Resources

These sites provide information on becoming a science teacher as well as resources for teaching and learning science at the secondary level. Please post additional resources in the following manner. See the example for further detail.

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**//MAST Project//** - California State University Fullerton - This site is sponsored by the CSU Chancellor's Office Math and Science Teacher Initiative (MSTI) and includes information for future as well as current teachers. Most information is specific to opportunities at Cal State Fullerton.

  • Science Education PortaPortal - California State University Fullerton - This site is a list of great links for all areas of science education!
  • Forensics in the Classroom: Download these free units! This complete, standards-based package includes five stand-alone units, each centered on a unique, realistic mystery. The lessons and activities are flexible and modifiable, so you can tailor each unit to fit your classroom schedule and style. The classroom activities involve simple lab experiments and align with nationally recognized standards and safety requirements. The units can be taught as introductions to basic chemistry ideas and forensic techniques, or used as creative ways to review information you’ve already covered. The FIC units vary in length and are labeled according to level of difficulty, allowing you to select the unit that best meets your classroom needs.
  • Envirohealth Connections: Access these free multi-media resources for middle and high school students and teachers. These innovative materials help students explore the significant relationship between the environment and human health. This project brings imagination into the classroom through interactive investigations, expert presentations, comprehensive lesson plans and more. The standards-based resources were developed through a partnership between Maryland Public Television and the Center in Urban Environmental Health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.
  • Free Science Demos and Laboratory Activities at Flinn Scientific: you will want to sign up for free laboratory activities and demos sent every month by email. It is quick and easy – just go to